Thursday, December 3, 2015

Model girl abandoned nightclub to dance in money to help conserve wildlife in many countries, including Cambodia,

The 24-year-old girl living in Los Angeles, California United States who love wildlife is currently Master's in conservation biology and is looking to travel to Africa as well. At the same time, she Marlina also open the business by herself in order to facilitate the conservation of other rare animals.

It should be noted, too, that she Marlina is a former dancer pro rugby teams San Diego Chargers (US) and had traveled to the tropical forests in South Africa in 2012.

It was then that she changed everything, wildlife enthusiast. Then she left a job as a dance pro rugby and started working for Pink Monkey Media, a maker of documents to confirm the animal conservation efforts around the world.

Moreover, since 2012, she Marlina has worked with the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation), Surin Project, Monkey Foundation and Project Wildlife and went to 8 different across Asia, Africa, South America and the island of Borneo (Malaysia), and, including the country as well.

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