Friday, July 25, 2014

3 DIY Ideas to Update Your Kitchen Cabinets Quickly and Inexpensively

Redecorating your kitchen can be a pleasurable task for most of us, but is it really that simple and straightforward? Certainly not, especially since there are thousands, even millions of ways to decorate this specific room, not to mention possible furniture pieces to choose. Truth be told, buying kitchen cabinets can be expensive, which is why repurposing your old ones can be a better – and cheaper – option that will surely make everything look so much better. Check out these amazing diy kitchen cabinets ideas – you will definitely love them!

1. Chalkboard Kitchen Cabinets

If you want a way to add an interest point in your kitchen, this diy idea should help you out – chalkboard kitchen cabinets, as shown in the picture. To achieve this result, you only need chalkboard paint, which can be bought from any crafting or home decoration store. Paint the center of a cabinet door and use it to write grocery lists, quote of the week, message center, family goals, and so on.

2. Tile Wallpaper Kitchen Cabinets

Another great way to update your kitchen cabinets quickly and inexpensively is using tin tile wallpapers, which can fit your cabinet door’s center perfectly. Find your favorite pattern, buy the wallpaper, crop it according to your cabinet door’s center size, and glue it. This makeover is going to be super fast and extremely efficient, making your kitchen look more interesting and romantic at the same time.

3. Two-Color Kitchen Cabinets

If you are seeking interesting diy kitchen cabinets ideas, what about this two-color kitchen cabinet door? Initially a wooden door, the surface has been updated using white pain and some spiral applications that will make the cabinet look more modern and truly fabulous. You can try any other color if white is not suitable for your tastes – after all, they are your cabinets.

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