Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cellulite Exercises to make your lower body look good

It would sound too good to be true but cellulite exercise actually make your lower body look great and you would head over to the beach in a bikini in no time. The statistics won't show much but women who did cellulite exercises made their legs look smoother. You can do this 20 minute program in just over 3 days a week and you can look forward to a much fitter self. Here are the 3 steps of this program:

1. Cardio

There are so many ways to do cardio exercises and some of them are so fun that you won't notice that you are already losing a lot of weight. You can do walking, biking or even climbing up the stairs and down for a couple of minutes. After that, increase the speed for about 8 minutes. You must not tire yourself too much since this is just the first step. After that, cool down for 2 minutes and get ready for step number 2.

2. Strength

For this step, you must have a set of dumbells as you will work on your biceps, triceps, legs and back. You must do 3 sets of 10 repetitions for the exercises. The basic exercises for this include pushups, pullups and bench press. If you think you can complete 15 repetitions in a hurry then increase the weight on your dumbell. You can watch videos that are all about 20 minute workouts so you can just follow whatever it is they are doing on the video and do it to perfection.

3. Flexibility

For the last part, you must stretch all the body parts you just worked on. Some people would work on one body part for each day. However, it is possible to work on all body parts at once. Dedicate at least 10 minutes for this cool down portion as you prepare to hit the showers after a workout session.

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