Wednesday, June 11, 2014

6 Tips to Train Your Parrot to Speak

Parrots are known for imitating human speech but not all parrots have the capabilities to do so. Larger parrots have more vocal capabilities compared to the smaller ones but given time and effort, most parrots are able to learn and mimic a few human words. If you want to get your parrot talking, these 6 tips will certainly come in handy; 

1. Adopt a Breed That’s More Prone to Talk 

Some parrot breeds simply don’t learn how to talk or take relatively long to do so. The blue-fronted and yellow crowned Amazon parrots as well as the African parrot are more likely to learn how to talk much faster in comparison to their smaller cousins.
The words of smaller species may be not easy to understand but larger species have a clearer voice. Male birds can mimic the human language faster than their female counterparts

2. Start Young 

The younger the bird, the easier it is to train it. Start training the bird when it’s 4 to 6 months old. While the bird might not be responsive during the first instance, it will understand what you mean long before it can mimic the actual words

3. Train the Bird at the Appropriate Time of Day

Most of the parrots have a clear voice during the morning or evening hours. It’s therefore paramount that you teach them words during this time. 

4. Teach One Word at a Time

The only way to ensure the parrot grasps words with ease is to teach a single word at a time and repeat it severally until the bird can mimic it. Move to the second word only after you're done with the first and don’t forget to give expressions so that the bird can get the meaning clearly.

5. Reward the Bird

In order to show respect, trust and love it’s imperative that you give incentives to the bird. Apart from giving the parrot it’s favorite treat, you can praise it by stroking it on the head or under the chin

6. Be Patient

Each parrot has its own personality and will learn at its own pace. Have goals in place but don’t be discouraged when the bird doesn’t achieve them. Eventually you will be taken aback by what your pet has to say once it is able to mimic your voice. 
Getting your feathered friend to talk can fun and exciting and with these 6 tips, you will certainly start on the right footing in your quest to make the bird mimic a word or two

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